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Whitburn Band's history explored in exhibition at new Whitburn Partnership Centre

The story of Whitburn Band from the past 150 years will be outlined at a new museum space in the West Lothian town.

The band is featured in an exhibition at the Whitburn Community Museum, which is in the new Whitburn Partnership Centre at Whitburn Cross.

As well as featuring the band, the museum includes a wide range of objects which highlight stories about Whitburn - from an 1831 political reform banner to a signed Lewis Capaldi album.

The free exhibition about the band, which opens on Monday, is the first to be featured at the museum and will be in place for the next year.

Robert Fraser, Whitburn Band’s archivist, said: "The museum at the new Whitburn Partnership Centre offers the band a fantastic opportunity to tell some of the stories about our 150 years of history – from contests and concerts to gala days and performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

"As well as featuring in a new exhibition at the museum, we will be releasing a series of longer interviews on the band’s YouTube channel in the coming months to highlight some of those stories."

People who want to visit the museum can do so Monday to Saturday every week, with the times varying depending on the day – Mondays and Wednesdays (10am-3pm), Tuesdays and Fridays (11am – 5pm), Thursday (10am-5pm) and Saturday (10am-1pm).

Emma Peattie, Museums Officer at West Lothian Council, added: "We are really excited to share the new Whitburn Community Museum with residents.

"Pop along and discover something new about the history of your town."

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