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Pictures from Martin Green's new audio drama 'Keli', featuring Whitburn Band

Thank you to everyone who supported the band and the cast at the preview of 'Keli' on Sunday at the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, or via its live stream.

What a fantastic project to be a part of! Thank you to the amazing tenor horn soloist Sheona White, the cast of Anna Russell-Martin and Tam Dean Burn, and of course Martin Green.

You can now book your tickets for the full audio drama on the Lyceum Theatre soundstage. More details -

Images (1-12) credit - Mihaela Bodlovic

Anna Russell-Martin as Keli, with Whitburn Band

From left - Tam Dean Burn, Sheona White, Martin Green and Anna Russell-Martin, with Whitburn Band, conducted by Bryan Allen

Tenor horn soloist Sheona White

Anna Russell-Martin as Keli and Tam Dean Burn as Willie

Anna Russell-Martin as Keli

Martin Green

Martin Green with director Laura Carreira

Martin Green

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