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150 years of Whitburn Band - Interview with Sam Knox

“I’d do the same again. Great days, great times.”

The latest in our series of interviews with Whitburn Band legends to mark our 150th anniversary year is a real treat.

Sam Knox has been playing with the Whitburn Band organisation for over 70 years. He was part of the first Scottish band to ever win a national title in 1954, and he is still playing today with Whitburn Heartlands Band!

He won his first Scottish Championship in 1968, and his thirteenth in 2008. Here, Sam takes a trip down memory lane with Kenny Crookston (recorded before lockdown).

➡️ Winning the Third Section National Championships in 1954...when the band still wore hats

➡️ Progression to the top section, and the growing pains of becoming a top band

➡️ The role of Alex Fleming at Whitburn, the first Scottish win in 1968, and ‘God’ – Major Peter Parkes

➡️ The camaraderie with his friends in the band over the years

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